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Name:Lucas Alexander Jackson (aka "Just Luke")
Birthdate:Feb 28
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York


Lucas was born to Kenneth and Julia Jackson in Sydney, Australia. He is one of four children in the family, being the youngest sibling and only son. He comes from a long string of doctors and lawyers in his family, including his parents and sisters. His mother is a neurosurgeon now active in researching treatments and cures for MS, while his father is a high class criminal attorney with clients stemming from professionals such as politicians and celebrities, both who have high profiles in Australia for their respective occupations. Lucas’ two eldest sisters are corporate attorneys and the youngest of his sisters is a paediatrician.

When Lucas arrived in the family, he came as a surprise to his parents, who were convinced they were expecting another girl. Despite always being a close-knit family, Lucas continued to be a surprise and the typical black sheep of the family, being more free-spirited and rebellious than studious and ambitious like his sisters and parents as well as a long line of successful academics before that. As the only boy, he was the apple of his parents’ eye, but it soon became evident to them that he was one of a kind. It wasn’t a surprise for any of them when, seven years ago, Lucas decided he wanted to move to New York for a new challenge. It wasn't a complete bolt from the blue, with Luke having his aunt, uncle, and cousin, Andrew already over there and living within driving distance of New York in Boston. His parents, being wealthy from both their own earnings and family inheritances, gave him what he needed to make the move, but he broke away on his own from then, never having ever been interested in money. Lucas is primarily a musician at heart, having started to play saxophone when he was just seven years old. He never had much interest in pursuing it via study, however, and instead spent his life roaming around busking or playing casually for bands as he saw fit.

Lucas did harbour some natural entrepreneurial talent, however, and used some of the money his parents gave him to buy an apartment to purchase a run down bar in Manhattan and set his sights on building it back up to a musical hot spot called The Bondi as a shout-out to his home country. In turn, he bought a tiny little eclectic loft apartment as just a place to sleep and he’s been there ever since, despite having eventually built the nightclub up to a successful, popular hangout for young musician and artist types like himself to hang out and just enjoy good music and dancing. Hardly anyone knows he owns it and he’s just about always mistaken as simply another patron. He never had the urge to settle anywhere before until he reached New York, and always continued to take the world as it came to him, busking by day and enjoying the bar by night. He loves his life and wouldn’t change his choices for the world.

Lucas (who prefers to just be called Luke) tackles life in a free-spirited and casual way. He has a wicked sense of humour and often comes across as cheeky and mischievous. He has an air of confidence and isn’t backwards in coming forwards, often the first to just tell it like it is which is his Aussie coming out in him. He is a massive flirt and has a cheeky charm that sees him with romantic prospects always at his fingertips. However, while he indulges often casual sex, he is picky about who he dates beyond random sexual encounters. He loves to have a good laugh and joke, and his outlook on life means he often sees the funny side in things most people can’t.

He is passionate only about his music, everything else he just takes as it comes and he’s a difficult person to phase. He’s a good listener, but if you annoy him, he’ll tell you. His life as a musician, busker, and bar owner means he has an array of many different friends. He is the sort of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. Despite being rich with family money, he lives a simple life and believes the if you want less out of life, you’ll always be much easier satisfied in happiness.

DREAM LIKE NEW YORK ([community profile] dreamlikenewyork):
A few years back, Luke thought he had his life in a content place. His bar was thriving and he had a large bunch of friends. There had been some serious dramas in his close-knit circle, but they got through it and out the other side in a better place. Even his cousin, who had gone through some dark times in the wake of his dad's death, was happy and settled with his new wife and her baby girl, whom Andrew loved as his own. Luke himself had thought he found someone he could finally settle with, a musician with a regular gig at his bar. However, it all went wrong and the relationship crashed and burned because their personalities just ultimately clashed. Luke cut his losses and went back to his free-spirited single bachelor lifestyle, and didn't really look back. He wasn't sure he wanted to bother with another relationship any time again in the near future.

However, about two years later, his DJ for the bar, Nathan Mitchell, brought a new friend of his to the bar who had just started a job with him at the hospital where he was doing his Residency in Pediatrics. She was fresh from England, and being the friendly and hospitable guy Luke was, they struck up a lengthy conversation while Luke did his DJ thing so she didn't have to sit alone.

Turns out, they had more than Nathan as a link, and she was cousin to the husband of Luke's close friend and marketer for the bar, Aiden Lewis. Aiden's husband, Patrick was the reason she decided to come to New York and she ended up loving it, deciding to ultimately stay long-term. Luke never believed much in fate or love at first sight, but it was pretty close to it. They went to a hotel together that night and slept together, and just a month later after a whirlwind romance, Luke surprised her with a romance holiday to Hawaii when she was burnt out from work, and they eloped in an intimate ceremony on the beach at sunset in bare feet. Luke, being Aussie, couldn't have felt more at home in a beach wedding and it was right up his carefree alley. It was quick, some would say rushed, but they just connected so easily and now, two years later, they're still happily married and trying for a baby... unfotunately, without any success.

Luke is an original character and has no fandom affiliation. No copyright infringement intended. His PB is Chris Evans, who belongs to himself. His sole universe is [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

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